USA Powerlifting Arizona, or USA Powerlifting AZ for short, is the home of USA Powerlifting for the State of
Arizona. USA Powerlifting Arizona is governed by USA Powerlifting, and is not a disticnt federation
in and of itself. Being part of the USA Powerlifting organization, we practice and promote a positive
environment, strong community and a drug-free sport. Regular drug testing is performed at all competitions to ensure the integrity of the organization’s practices and lifters accomplishments.

USA Powerlifting Arizona is responsible for organizing local and state championship competitions in
the state of Arizona for all age groups and divisions. We are also responsible for overseeing the
development of the organization at the state level.

Currently, there are over 400 members in the State of Arizona, and we strive to grow our membership as the State’s largest organization of drug free powerlifting competitors.