USA Powerlifting AZ Lifter's Corner

State Records

Looking for your state record, or want to find out what the record is for your division and weight class? Use the links below to search the lifter's database for AZ state records. You can also print your record certificate for the record you've achieved.
Raw AZ State Records
Equipped AZ State Records

USA Powerlifting Lifter's Handbook

Whether you're a brand new lifter, or a seasoned power lifter from another federation, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of USA Powerlifting. The handbook covers things such as equipment, rules of performance for each lift, and the banned substance rules and policies. The Lifter's Handbook can be found on the USA Powerlifting Website's Rules and Bylaws page.

USA Powerlifting National Qualifying Totals

For lifter's looking to participate in National competitoins, you should first verify you have a qualifying total for Nationals. A Total is composed of the sum of your best Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift attempt from a single meet. Your total does not accumulate across meets. A qualifying total can be established at any Sanctioned USA Powerlifting meet. The most up-to-date national qualifying totals can be found at USA Powerlifting's National Qualifying Totals page.

Regional Meet Information

The concept of regional meets are fairly new to USA Powerlifting. Arizona is part of the Southwest Region, which includese California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. The details about how to enter a regional meet are still being developed. Currently, the ony restriction for entering a Regional meet is that you have posted a Total in any sanctioned USA Powerlifting meet for the current Calendar year. There currently are no qualifying totals needed to enter a Regional meet. Currently, there is no requirement to participate in a Regional meet in order to lift at a National Meet. There currently is no concept of Regional records either. Records are still only kept at the State, National, and IPF World level.